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Suresh Fernando RICP®

Suresh Fernando RICP®


Suresh Fernando is the President of Pathfinder Financial Advocates and is a Fiduciary. He is a Retirement Income Certified Professional®.The RICP® is the nation's leading credential for building integrated and comprehensive retirement income plans. A key focus is understanding, choosing, and executing a sustainable retirement income strategy from available resources—whether that means using systematic withdrawals from a portfolio, building a retirement income floor with bonds or annuities, or using a bucket strategy.

Suresh migrated to the United States some twenty years ago with a desire to become a computer analyst. He soon realized his calling was to be an advocate, to teach people how to become good stewards of their financial resources and to create wealth by minimizing risk. “Risk doesn't pay off as often as people think. Wealth is created by transferring risk and making every dollar in your household productive.”

Since 1998 Suresh has been involved in various sectors of the financial services industry, including banking, mortgage financing, insurance and holistic financial planning. Now he uses his experience to help people maximize their income and grow their net worth by using a holistic approach to look at their financial life. Suresh uses a rules-based approach with his clients to first identify potential inefficiencies in their household, then capture and direct those dollars to build a solid financial foundation. “We use a number of tools to evaluate a household's finances including investments, taxes, insurance, debt & savings. Our software allows us to take a broader look into a household's future financial health and  test different strategies to optimize their financial future. We have the ability to stress test an investment portfolio to see how it would weather a significant market correction and analyse internal expenses of current investments which can be a huge drag on performance.”

Suresh also helps seniors navigate the complex world of Medicare Insurance & Social Security. He offers a wide selection of Medicare solutions, but most importantly, educates and guides his clients through the entire process. His faith, values & beliefs push him to work tirelessly to make sure his clients are in the best financial shape possible. His passion to help people attain their financial goals and enjoy retirement is fueled by his own life experiences and desires.

Suresh lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with his wife Liz &  two sons, Roman & Chase. Liz is a flight nurse and a proud member of the United States Air Force Reserve. In their spare time, Suresh & Liz enjoy spending time with their boys, the outdoors, gardening, cooking, fishing and camping.