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Our Process

Our goal is to help our clients make informed, deliberate decisions in all areas of their financial lives.

Our passion is for helping our clients live up to their deepest values as providers and protectors. The first step is to become financially efficient, to help our clients reduce investment-related taxes, financial institutions' fees, unnecessary insurance costs, and unnecessary interest payments. We're often able to help our clients recapture significant portions of their income, which they can then use to further their economic objectives.

We provide our clients with an economic model that helps them make decisions based on strategies and processes that are verifiable and structurally sound. Using the Lifetime Economic Acceleration Process TM, we help our clients understand how they can meet and exceed their financial goals. Through education, analysis, and planning, we develop a personal program with the objective of helping our clients become financially efficient, reduce taxes, reduce risk, increase returns, and increase protection.

The Objectives of LEAP:

  • Increase the amount of money you will have over your lifetime
  • Reduce your income taxes
  • Give you better accessibility over your money
  • Lower your financial costs
  • Provide greater insurance protection
  • Lower your financial risks
  • Give you a better understanding of how money actually works
  • Provide organization of your financial documents and plans
  • Provide a verifiable financial process

The LEAP process is unique. Many financial professionals focus on only one or two aspects of your financial life. Using the LEAP process, we evaluate and coordinate ALL aspects of your financial life. We're not here to replace the members of your team or products that are working well for you. By utilizing a holistic view, we work at making your money more efficient and productive. Our expertise goes beyond just the picking of products. Like a game of chess, we focus on understanding how all your financial vehicles, wills, insurances, and debt structure should work together.

In order to be introduced to the LEAP SYSTEM® and have a financial consultation, there is NO FEE, NO CHARGE, and NO OBLIGATION. It is easy, enjoyable, and fun. Everyone should have the opportunity to see if they can improve upon their financial position without any up-front costs or charges.

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